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On Sale $299 per student

$275 if you enroll with a friend

Includes TIPS Certification $50 Value

We offer a flexible schedule for students to choose from and will always work with everyone’s schedule as best as we can. This is our standard course and is scheduled as follows; One-Week Day or Night Classes and Weekend Classes (2 weekends Saturday & Sunday). These classes teach the fundamentals, techniques, and proper mechanics of tending bar. We keep to current and trending recipes consistently updating our materials and curriculum. Be prepared to move around because you will be behind the bar 90% of the time. You will be shocked at what you can learn in such a short time. If you decide you need more individualized training, no worries- Just come back! YOU NEVER PAY AGAIN! Our program is laid-back and super fun. Bartending should spark your creative side and you should enjoy it. We focus on positive reinforcements and inspire to produce an encouraging and engaging space to shape our students into successful bartenders that employers are looking to hire.

Primo Wine and Beer Class

4-Hour Class

$125 per student

$100 if you enroll with a friend

$75 for Primo Alumni

Introductory class of wine and beer. This course will help you provide a better sense of options ands choices to your guests. Students will practice uncorking wine bottles using seahorse corkscrew and implementing proper wine service. Students will also participate in practicing proper draft beer pours. Fundamental beer and wine education to help students better understand and serve such spirits. A fun and hands-on interactive course!

Host/Hostess, Busser Class

5-Hour Class

$75 per student

Must be 16 years of age and older

Great service starts with solid training. This class is a fun introduction to the hospitality world and will give students confidence and build their self-assurance. Students will learn; common slang, the cycle of service, restaurant job descriptions, job expectations, tray holding, safety procedures, proper etiquette, and guest relations. A test will be given and a certificate of completion upon passing.

Barback Class

5-Hour Class

$75 per student

Must be 18 years of age and older

Barbacks are the fuel of the hospitality field and a trained barback is gold! This class will teach students important safety procedures, bar slang, brand recognition, bar tools, job expectations and descriptions, and proper etiquette. This class will build your self-confidence and make you prepared for employment. A test will be given and a certificate of completion upon passing.

T.I.P.S. (Training for Intervention Procedures) Certification Class

4-5-Hour Class

$50 per student

Fee is included to the tuition of Day, Night, or Weekend Class.

We focus on how to responsibly serve alcohol and how to be aware of the signs and cues of intoxication to ensure a safe environment for employees and guests. We have real world examples and scenarios to connect with students to help them understand the risks and challenges they face, and effective ways to resolve them. Certification must be renewed every 3 years and is needed to responsively serve alcohol.